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Frédéric Perigot has transformed everyday utensils into designer products. He can pride himself on having invented the celebrated telescopic feather duster and designed a seriously 'cool' shopping trolley.

His whole philosophy revolves around adding a (new) touch of brightness to everyday life. He helps us sort out our lives, get rid of the clutter and display what we have. His bottom line is practicality. And his bête noire – anything that has no practical purpose. His designs meet a number of key specifications (practicality, aesthetics, affordability)

No useless embellishments – the emphasis is on sleek lines, monochrome hues, cheerful prints and designer graphics. The PERIGOT logo – with its delightfully avant-garde font – is similarly timeless. This brand enjoys a strong reputation and a striking visual identity (black, red, white with an admixture of other colours) and a clear market position (chic, smart, affordable luxury). Its DNA? 75% quality, 25% imagination.

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