The Comédie-Française’s Studio-Théâtre

In November 1996, at only a few meters away from the Salle Richelieu, the third Comédie-Française’s theater opens its doors to the public. Its name, the Studio-Théâtre, is a reference to the first Muscovite Art Theater Studio wanted by Stanislavski in 1912. By wishing a place with proportions enabling the creation of shows that favor “something of particularly intimate, going straight to the spectators’ heart”, Stanislavski generated a need. In order to realize such a project for the Comédie-Française, Jean-Pierre Miquel, then Administrator, asked the architect Michel Sené.

Le Carrousel du Louvre shopping center, which connect the rue de Rivoli to the Louvre Museum, had just been created. The wished success could only be the result of a delicate and clever compromise between the utopias of a new theater space and the huge constraints of the place’s topography. Manage to clear as much as elements, without never having an narrowness impression: a 50 square meters stage, 4 dressing rooms, one cabin for the technical control room and enough volume to install 136 spectators on bleachers with, for all of them, a perfect visibility, is a true “tour de force”.

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